Hello! I am a fan of your work, to a degree, though I admit I could do with becoming more familiar with it. I am also an amateur conlanger, though all such efforts so far have been essentially failures, lacking any substance, flavorfulness, or vocabulary. Still, I was hoping if I could ask for a tip on how to think of and remember interesting grammars, phonotactics, etc. And also, if I may ask for two favors, if you also write my name, Forrest, pronounced as the word, in your preferred script.

Heh, heh… Whichever I prefer, eh? Here it is in Væyne Zaanics’ Yesuþoh script:


As for how to think stuff up, I think it comes from familiarity with a lot of linguistic material—both constructed and natural. The best advice I can give is to keep studying languages in whatever capacity you’re able (e.g. classes if you’re at school, or ty books/reference grammars if you’re not). The more stuff you see, the more ideas you have about what could be done, or at least that’s how it’s worked for me.

Thanks for the ask!

Hi, Mr. Peterson! I admire what you did for Game of Thrones and Star-Crossed :) I was trying to translate a little poem I wrote in Valyrian, and I realised I need the word "horse". I was reading the Valyrian word list, but I couldn't find it. Can you tell me what it is? And how do you say "to ride" in Valyrian? Thank you! Say "hi" to your new kitty for me!


The word for “horse” is anne, and the word for “ride” is kipagon. Best of luck! Poetry is a nightmare. (Well, unless you’re Stephin Merritt and don’t care about meter.)

Hi David, I am now being called the sondiv-names coordinator! Sounds professional doesn't it! lol! Better than "middle-man"! Stargazers are coming to me to ask you for translations! I wish I was smart enough to figure it out myself but alas, I am not! So here I go again: Nita or Anita (although I'm thinking both would be spelled the same) and could you throw in "shed lady"? There is a reason but too embarrassing to explain! lol! Asoluviv! Oh yes and you're the "big boss"! We r crazy stargazers!

Hey, kjjbeers! Good to see you again. As you can tell, my backlog has gotten long again (or, really, it never got short), so sorry for the late response!

Nita and Anita look different. Here is Nita:

And here’s Anita:

As for “shed lady”, the best I could do with that is ivyajima yabedjis, and that looks like this:

Thanks again for your patience! <3

You're the most adorable person ever. And I would love if you would remodel my bathroom, though I understand why it's not a good idea. hehe. Anyways, I loved that little story you did with My Cah and then the follow up to the B Story with Claudia and Jinksy OMG. Do you make up these fanfiction headcanon storylines often? Because I would totally be interested in seeing more of them around your blog~ ;)

Literally did not know what the word “headcanon” meant till right now (and now I understand a lot of the things I have seen on Tumblr). But I guess the answer has to be…no? I’ll tell you what I do do. I spend a lot of time thinking about sports logos. That’s not even a joke. For example, all I’ve been thinking about the past week or so is when we’re going to see this alleged rebrand the Raptors been a’jawin’ about since last season. They were open to getting rid of the monicker “Raptors”, but apparently the fans rallied around it (despite their being so upset about it initially [they all wanted the Huskies]), so “Raptors” is staying. But with Drake coming on board, they’ve been talking about redesigning the logo, uniforms and entire color scheme. I’ve been hearing black and gold. But it honestly now looks like they’re not going to be changing for the upcoming season, and I’m like WHAT GIVES?! Seriously, after an exciting series last year, they need a rebrand—like the Kings before they went on that tear in the late 90s. They are disappointing me. Probably all on account of the logo change fee the NBA charges (stymied creativity, it has!).

Sorry. I didn’t mean to go here. But this has been on my mind a lot. I haven’t been sleeping right. Lousy Drake…






(a) I would love a Conversational Dothraki class.

(b) English majors probably get tired of those jokes. 

  1. Am an English major.
  2. Also created Dothraki.

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The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey


The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey

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Lorahi is "to fly" and loreth is "flight"...if gorjeth is "death", does gorjahi mean "to die"???


That’s exactly right! ~:D

Why did you decide to mark long vowels in High Valyrian with a macron instead of a diaeresis (umlaut)? It does make it look cool, but it is much harder to get macrons into text. I have resorted to finding them in the character map on windows. If it used umlauts, I could do most of them with the german key (I speak german). I can type most of them on my iPhone but y macron is not available at all! :D Thanks again for all your hardwork. You are amazing!

I used macrons specifically because that’s what Latin does, and the language is supposed to be evocative of Latin. I also used macrons because, like Latin, they frequently get left out. Recall that the long vowels eventually disappeared in Latin, so many who aren’t purists kind of let the long vowels go by the wayside. That’s pretty much the way of it with High Valyrian, too.

But, yeah, umlauts was never an option. That’s an inappropriate use of an umlaut. It was either going to be macrons or doubled vowels. I’ve had problems using doubled vowels, though, because English speakers treat ee and oo like [i] and [u] no matter how much you tell them not to. This is actually the very reason I included a sound change in Lishepus, the language for Dominion, that targeted long mid vowels and turned them into diphthongs. I just didn’t want to have to bother with mispronunciations of ee and oo. (This is what we call pragmatic conlanging. lol)


Disney/Avatar Mashup 2

Belle and the Mystical Library

Prince Eric and Ariel of the Water Tribe

Firebender Esmeralda 

Waterbender Elsa 

Merida Of The Freedom Fighters 

Jessica Rabbit as Asami Sato 

Fire Ferrets(Kida as Korra. Li Shang as Mako. Flynn Rider as Bolin.) 

Ursula, Blood Bending Sea Witch

Jafar, Head Of The Dai Li

Fire Lord Maleficent






Hey David.. Ben from @DefiancePodcast here. I've asked this before on twitter, so Ill give it a shot here. Can you translate "Come be a guest on our show!" into Indojisnen for me? Also, could you answer said question? That would be awesome, thanks. =)

Ugh… There’s no better way to make me less inclined to acquiesce than to ask me to translate something into Indojisnen. What a nightmare that language is! I’m beginning to think my past self hates me… He’s jealous of the kitten. Anyway, if I had to translate that, I’d translate it thus (he writes an hour and a half later):


And this is what it looks like in Indojisnen (the word was too long for Photoshop Elements; I had to take it to Pages. The image quality is poor!):

Now, to your question, I would gladly be a guest on the Defiance podcast. My only condition is that you pronounce that word on the show—using the orthographic form only. I’ll give you a hint: the main stress is on the first syllable. Everything else is pronounced just like it looks. It’s not too bad. Only nine syllables. Shorter than antidisestablishmentarianism.

So yeah, name your time. I’m down. :)

Hi David! Would love to have "Renew Defiance" written in Votan for fans to pass around! Thank you!

Indeed! Here it is in Castithan:

Give me the option and it’ll probably always be in Castithan. For whatever reason, Castithan’s easiest for me. But to the sentiment: Hear, hear! Ten seasons and eight movies!




my bunny is dying

i didn’t do anything to her

i didn’t hurt her

i can’t understand why this is happening

Losing a pet is one of the most heartbreaking things, made worse because we communicate with them through actions not words, and after their death there are no more interactions to be had.

I am so sorry for your pain, it probably doesn’t help now, but remember that the love you have for them was felt, they know when they are loved.

lol u think ur a pillow but everyone knows ur a thimble. jus keep talkin like u know stuff, thimble. u wish u wuz a pillow. nuthin but a chattin thimble. go protect a thumb lol




“‘If only thimbles were invented!’ says psychic man with big hat.”